Book on Uganda’s Civil Society launched.

Published By UNNGOF |  April 28, 2021

As part of its efforts to contribute towards knowledge production within the civil society
sector, Uganda National NGO Forum(UNNGOF) supported the development of a book
titled: “Uganda’s Civil Society: History Challenges, Prospects”.
This book, which is co-edited by two prominent Civil Society Leaders, i.e. – Arthur Larok
and John De Coninck, has been compiled to meet several intents, including the
promotion of the role of civil society in the development of Uganda. It seeks to provide
elements of answers to several questions: Is the notion of ‘civil society’ helpful in
understanding Uganda’s history and positing scenarios for the future? What does such
a notion precisely mean in the local context? What has been the role of civil society over
the years? Has it made a mark? What drives its development and how does it relate to
the state? What are current challenges and how might these be addressed in the
This book was launched by Gen. Odongo Jeje – Minister of Internal Affairs at a high-
level public engagement held on Wednesday 21st April 2021 at Hotel Africana – Kampala, attended by
a cross-section of participants including the NGO Bureau Executive Director,
Development Partners, CSO leaders, Media practitioners and Private sector.
A copy goes for Shs. 40,000 and can be accessed at the UNNGOF offices, Aristoc
Bookshop, Uganda Bookshop and Fountain publishers.

The proceeds of the sale go directly to cover the costs of printing the books and any additional resources will be invested in a Civil Society Research and Knowledge Generation Agenda.