CCFU Annual Report 2020 released

Published By UNNGOF |  April 28, 2021

Initiated and incorporated in June 2006, The Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda, a member of UNNGOF, is a national not-for-profit nongovernmental organization whose mission is to “promote the recognition of culture as vital for human development that responds to our national identity and diversity.” The Foundation’s mission is premised on the conviction that the positive aspects of culture can be harnessed to bring about sustainable, social, and economic transformation, recognizing the dynamism and diversity of culture.

Over the years, CCFU has attempted to find ways to capitalize on cultural wealth and to turn this into an opportunity for “harmony and equitable development” through research, documentation and policy advocacy. The Foundation achieves its mission through 3 main programme areas; (a) Promoting a “Culture in Development” Approach; (b) Cultural Rights, Governance and Managing Diversity and (c) Cultural Heritage Preservation and Development.

This is therefore to share with you their Annual Report for the year 2020. To download a copy of the CCFU Annual Report 2020, please click here