Reaching the Unseen and Unheard: A Qualitative Synthesis Report on the State of last-mile Youth in Uganda

Published By UNNGOF |  August 6, 2021

Over 78% of Ugandans are aged below 30 years (UBoS).

However, despite these numbers and the robust legal and institutional framework, the participation of youth in governance and development processes is still low. This is due to several factors including but not limited to poverty, high levels of unemployment, limited access to relevant and timely information, limited accountability of leaders to the youth, and inadequate capacity and leadership skills for youth to engage in these processes.

In 2020, Vijana Corps while conducting research to inform its five-year strategic plan (2021-2026), generated some refreshing revelations, and awe-inspiring confirmations of the place and nature of youth participation in Uganda, especially as regards to the last-mile youth.  Because of the richness of these conversations, Vijana Corps decided to curate the findings in a synthesis report entitled “Reaching the Unseen and Unheard: A qualitative synthesis report on the State of last-mile youth in Uganda, 2021.”

This report is a sordid reminder that the struggle for youth empowerment is not anywhere close to anything worth celebrating, for as long as the agenda for youth participation is still being set without youth on the table.

To access the full report, click here