Report on the Legal Environment for Civil Society Organisations in Uganda

Published By UNNGOF |  August 23, 2021

Uganda is one of several African countries with legislated restrictions on legitimate activities of CSOs and philanthropy organisations.

This legal framework has encouraged government meddling in the work of NGOs and impeded their operations. Several laws the government uses to regulate the sector violate state party obligations under international and regional treaties which Uganda has ratified and domesticated.

The Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGOF) partnered with the African Philanthropy Network to produce this analytical report on Uganda’s legal environment and its impact on Civil Society Organisations, including Philanthropy Organisations.

It analyses this with a focus on key seven arching areas that directly affect CSOs’ operations.

The report highlights the following;

  • Overview of the working environment for Civil Society including philanthropy organisations,
  • The freedom of Association of CSOs in Uganda,
  • The impact of Uganda’s legal framework on the freedom of association of CSOs and philanthropy organisations in Uganda, and
  • Options for how to engage.