MYDEL Releases Phase 7 Periodical COVID-19 Report

Published By UNNGOF |  January 11, 2022

We are pleased to present the Phase 7 Periodical COVID-19 Report from our member, Mengo Youth Development Link (MYDEL).

The Phase 7 report highlights continuous initiatives undertaken to reach vulnerable children, women and youth during the pandemic.

In this report you will find highlights about the following;

  1. New developments for the MYDEL Vocational Training Centre. The centre invites all interested persons to register for the skilling programme. MYDEL targets 420 students by the end of 2022.
  2. The Hunger Project/ Movement for Community-Led Development delegation visit to MYDEL. In appreciation of the work done, the visit resulted in a pledge for continuity of the programme for the next 5 years.
  3. MYDEL TIKO program in Kampala Central Division.
  4. Mengo Youth development Link Reproductive Health program, in partnership with the Agha Khan Foundation.
  5. MYDEL R2G programme. MYDEL trained about 143 girls and boys in the MYDEL Soccer Academy to become R2G Ambassadors in the community as a way of promoting good Nutrition and WASH practices in the homes.
  6. Spice Diana at MYDEL. The Ugandan artiste teamed up with MYDEL and provided Christmas gifts to 255 mentally impaired children at the Missionaries of the Poor centres in Busega and Kisenyi.
  7. MYDEL Soccer Academy sign an MOU with Pearl Football Club. Football will be used as a strategy for community mobilization and Mindset change, the two parties intend to use football as a cornerstone to empowering the boys and girls in our local communities.
  8. MYDEL consultative and planning meetings with the leaders and stakeholders from Lubaga Division, Bunamwaya, Nansana and Lira District.
  9. Finally, the report outlines challenges, solutions and future plans!

CLICK HERE to get a copy of the report.

About MYDEL:

Mengo Youth Development Link (MYDEL) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization, located in Mengo Parish, Central Division, Kampala District. It is community-led, targeting vulnerable children, women and youth in rural and urban areas.
To date, MYDEL has reached over 50,000 beneficiaries with various services including skills development to out-of-school youths, educational support to in-schools, talent development through MYDEL Sports Academy and Music, dance and Drama, Sexual and Reproductive Health education, HIV/Aids mitigation, sanitation and Hygiene program through routine slum clean up exercises.