Disseminating Legal Books to Leaders not Enough

Published By UNNGOF |  March 30, 2022

As a best practice, when people occupy new offices, both political and technical, they are given tools to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness. These include manuals, laws, regulations, reports and any other documents. For the local government leaders, upon assuming offices (after swearing-in), they are given copies of the Standard Rules of Procedure for Local Councils in Uganda, Uganda Constitution and The Local Governments Act.  

However, it has emerged that only a handful of LC leaders read and acquaint themselves with the details in these documents. This affects their ability to engage in council business ably. Mr Matua Grisim (a retired senior assistant secretary) has challenged the Ministry of Local Government and other development partners to disseminate these relevant laws and go the extra mile and help the leaders understand the legal documents to provide transformative leadership.

Mr Matua made the call on 16th March 2022 in Nebbi while facilitating the induction session for Nebbi District Council members at the district headquarters attended by the District Chairperson, District Speaker, Clerk to Council, Chief Administrative Officer and the Councilors.

The induction allowed the councillors to conduct a mock council seating to help them get familiar with some of the district council processes. While closing the workshop, the LCV Chairperson, Hon Emmanuel Urombi, appreciated UNNGOF for accepting his request for training of Nebbi District Council. He pledged commitment towards facilitating constructive engagement between district leaders and citizens – a key principle for community-led development.

West Nile Regional Civil Society Network organized the induction session with support from UNNGOF under its Civil Society Strengthening Programme. It was facilitated by two senior leaders i.e. Mr Matua Grisim a retired senior assistant secretary with 27 years in civil service, and Hon Onduma Sulaiman, a former LC III Chairperson (2006-2016) and Arua District Speaker (2016 – 2021).