RANs trained in documentation and story-telling

Published By UNNGOF |  May 17, 2023

The Regional Advocacy Networks (RANs) are key implementers of UNNGOF’s programmatic work.

In January 2023, UNNGOF under her Philanthropy for Development programme, held a RANs congress in Arua City; to reflect on the past years, review our contexts, and plan for the activities of the new year. A request for RANs to be trained in documentation and story-telling was raised as a persistent gap in profiling success stories and stories of change that emerge during programme implementation

A documentation and story-telling training was thus held in April 2023, with an objective to support trainees to become conversant with the different types of stories, conduct effective field story documentation including story photography. As part of building a community of practice to promote story-telling, 6 UNNGOF staff enrolled for this training as well.

Participants were equipped with techniques and strategies for effective story writing for non-profit professionals. There was unanimous appreciation of the value of proper documentation and a good story telling and participants were enlightened that, the different types of stories when well written, demonstrate impact, increase visibility, credibility and in turn, can attract donors and new partners.

 “I have been comfortable with the old formats of success stories I used to write, but I have learnt new skills and knowledge of success story writing. I am confident I can produce quality success story now and thanks to our trainers and UNNGOF for the training” Benson, Riamiriam