Philanthropy Enablers – A Community Resource

Published By UNNGOF |  November 22, 2023

In the policy paper “The Nexus between CSOs & Philanthropy in Uganda,” the intricate relationship between philanthropy and civil society organizations (CSOs) is likened to conjoined twins, interconnected by the vital thread of gift-giving and the pro-social behaviors rooted in society.

This connection reflects the foundational philosophy of civil society, emphasizing collective organization to address societal needs.

This synergy is vividly exemplified in Humura Cell, North Division – Fort Portal City, where Mr. Isaac Mugisa, the dedicated community facilitator and founder of the Humura Vulnerable Children/Youth Support Organization (HUVUCSO), has emerged as a pivotal force in mobilizing and inspiring community philanthropy.

Isaac attributes his transformative impact to the Mobilising Support (MS) training conducted by UNNGOF in April 2022. The training equipped him with the knowledge and skills to effectively engage with various stakeholders.

Isaac shares, “The MS training raised my esteem and zeal to actualize my dream of starting a vocational centre. It enlightened me on how to engage different stakeholders towards a common cause.”

Responding to the community’s needs, Isaac and HUVUCSO addressed the pressing issue of limited access to clean water. Through collective efforts and modest financial contributions from the community, along with support from friends of HUVUCSO, they successfully constructed three rainwater harvesting tanks and two public tap stands.

Kansiime Annet, a community member, expresses the positive impact: “The community is not only accessing clean water but has also witnessed a reduction in cases of waterborne diseases.”

With water secured, attention turned to other basic life needs, leading to the establishment of a vocational centre. Friends of HUVUCSO and community members rallied together, contributing resources and labour. Currently, the centre is training individuals in carpentry, joinery, welding/metal fabrication, tailoring, and garment cutting, providing valuable skills for sustainable livelihoods.

Isaac’s dream materialized with support from the community, emphasizing the collaborative spirit. Notably, community members actively participated in the vocational centre’s setup, with Kansiime Annet generously offering her labor to train young mothers in tailoring.

The story of HUVUCSO and the Humura community showcases the impact when trust and accountability underpin philanthropy and civil society. Together, they create a force for the greater good, emphasizing the belief that collective action can transform communities.