30 UNNGOF Members Trained in Documentation and Storytelling.

Published By UNNGOF |  March 22, 2024

Stories remain one of the most important tools for CSOs to demonstrate the impact of project interventions, as seen through the eyes of the participants (beneficiaries), implementers and other affected stakeholders. As part of learning, stories provide a framework and context for potential improvements, scale-up and concretizing models and approaches. Collectively, storytelling and the broader documentation process are the pathway to effective knowledge management and institutional memory in growing, successful nonprofits.

The three-day training in documentation and storytelling for UNNGOF members held in March 2024, set out to enlighten members to appreciate the potential of storytelling to their organization. Sarah Pacutho, the Team Leader Civil Society Strengthening at UNNGOF underscored the nexus between communication and resource mobilization, “NGO actors need to present their work in a way that attracts support for their organizations, and that is the essence of the documentation and storytelling training for our members” she said.

Participants were delighted to have been selected for what they described as a transformational training. Ms. Lydia Ainomugisha, the Communication Manager at Global Rights Alert shared in her testimony.

“My most exciting experience has been mastering storytelling techniques using CAST (context, Audience, Storytellers and Trending Key words). In our fast-paced work environment, we all crave efficient solutions. The highlight of this journey was delving into Case Study writing. Previously, I grappled with the case study structure, often confusing it with elements of an evidence brief. Now, armed with newfound knowledge, I will navigate these waters with confidence following the journey right from the beginning of the project to track progress. I have learned to seamlessly incorporate quotes from beneficiaries, skillfully backed by the implementers’ voices. This is so liberating!  Heartfelt gratitude to UNNGOF for assembling such a brilliant and knowledgeable training team. As we depart, we carry not only enhanced skills but also the promise of producing better documents.”