The NGO Forum and the Royal Danish Embassy Partner to Enhance Public Engagement and Accountability

Published By UNNGOF |  June 4, 2024

The Uganda National NGO Forum has entered into a three-year partnership with the Royal Danish Embassy to strengthen citizens’ engagement and public accountability. This initiative, known as the Strengthening Citizes’  Engagement and Public Accountability (SCEPA) Project, aims to create an organized and engaged citizenry that holds public officials accountable.

The project also emphasises building government capacity to respond to citizens’ aspirations, creating functional communication channels between civil society and government, and facilitating interactions between citizens and duty-bearers.

This project is being undertaken at a time when Uganda is dealing with serious issues with public confidence and governance. The necessity for more accountability and transparency has been highlighted by recent revelations of corruption and inefficiencies within public institutions. With the upcoming elections and the increasing demand for more inclusive and responsive governance, the SCEPA Project is both timely and critical. It aims to bridge the gap between citizens and their leaders, ensuring that public officials are more accountable and that citizens are more informed and actively involved in the development process.

Citizen participation in decision-making is crucial for local democracy. Lack of citizen engagement in public administration often correlates with transparency issues and mismanagement of resources. While corruption tolerance in Uganda is low, the willingness to engage leaders and demand accountability is also low. The SCEPA Project aims to rekindle active citizenship, push for accountability, and strengthen civil society by empowering citizens and addressing the unique needs of marginalised groups. This project aligns with Denmark’s development strategy “The World We Share” and Ugandan national priorities, as well as ongoing activities supported by other development partners.